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Welcome to pet photography

Hey, there! I'm Snow :) welcome to my website, blog, and very first post! I'm a pet photographer based in Toronto and I love dogs – always have.

Photo by Danica Oliva


It all began when Daisy – my little bundle of fluffy joy – was brought home for her first time the weekend of my 25th birthday. It was my first birthday after graduating university & officially moving into my very own space with my partner Jeffrey, also for the first time.

Within two weeks, I created Daisy's Instagram to act as a photo diary of her puppyhood and growth. I had a lot of fun with her account and within six months her account had already reached over 1k followers! With more and more practice with Daisy, photography, and editing I realized that not only did I absolutely love doing this but I was actually good at it too!

In May 2019, I finally created an Instagram account that was fully dedicated to my pet photography, and with that, pet photography was born, baby.

Danica Oliva, Melissa Lem & I; photo by Danica Oliva


Having gotten some practice with portraits, a commercial photoshoot, and even co-hosting a photobooth at a holiday pet market, I've learned a lot in the past couple of years and am starting to finally feel confident in calling myself...a pet photographer! *gasp*

I also made some really amazing friends in the industry who are so incredibly inspiring and supportive of my photography and dogmom lifestyle. It's made me truly appreciate the idea of "community over competition" and I think community is a big part of what I want to eventually bring to pet photography.

In the meantime, follow along with my journey in photography, being a dogmom, and Daisy's life by subscribing to this blog and following our socials!

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