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Snow + Daisy - Photo by Danica Oliva

Toronto Pet Photographer & Dogmom to Daisy

Photography Style:

Lifestyle, Non-Studio, Portraits


Way too much TV, scary stuff, nature hikes, cooking, hanging out with dogs!

Favourite Foods: 

Soup, pasta, chips/fries, pizza, coffee, matcha everything

Fun Fact: 

Traveled to 21 countries by the age of 21, but my favourite place in the world is home with Jeff and Daisy

Snow + Daisy - Photo by Danica Oliva


For as long as I can remember, my most cherished wish had been to have a canine companion; a woman's best friend. I know, this sounds cheesy and over the top, but it’s 100% true. For every single birthday, every fuzzy dandelion, every bridge we drove under, and every folded chip I had since I was a little girl, my wish had been to have my own dog.

Daisy is literally my dream come true.

She brings me so much joy and introduced me to new things like my pet photography and this amazing dog community I became a part of, both online and off. Daisy changed my life & quickly became a central focus in it, and it felt like the most natural thing in the world.


Although I had always been interested in photography and the arts, it was only after I got Daisy and started her Instagram that I began to take it more seriously. I guess you could say she's my muse!

What began as a simple photo diary to document Daisy's growth, transformed into a new passion and activity for both of us to bond over. And yes, she does enjoy our photoshoots because I always try to make it fun for both of us.

After listening to my loving friends and family, I finally decided to give it a shot with the launch of pet photography in May 2019. In the following 7 months, I: started building a client base and completed my first three photoshoots; made some amazing and inspiring long-term friends in the industry; self-taught Adobe Lightroom and other photography basics; and even co-hosted a photobooth event at the Stackt Holiday Pet Market by the end of the year. 

Snow + Daisy - Photo by Danica Oliva
Snow + Daisy - Photo by Danica Oliva


Whether you’re celebrating your fur baby, an engagement, or a new family member – I’m here to help save those memories! I’m here to tell your personal story, capturing the connection between you and your best friend, working together to document all the love and memories you can look back on for generations.

My approach to photography is relaxed, warm, and natural – working with you to capture that perfect shot with maybe a few cues here and there. My main goal with every photo session (other than providing an unforgettable album) is to make it a fun time for everyone and for the whole experience to feel easy. If this sounds right for you, let’s get together for a session!

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