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Sales, Business Administration, Communications

Photography, cooking, dogs!

Soup, pasta, and lately our Pizza Saturdays

Traveled to 21 countries by the age of 21, but my favourite place in the world is home with my partner and my dog, Daisy


Born and raised in Toronto, I grew up with my parents and grandmother in a Canadian-Chinese household. Fun fact: I actually learned Cantonese before English because of how much time I spent with my grandmother as a child - as you may guess, my English has certainly surpassed my Cantonese but you can bet that I'll still hold up my end of a Canto convo!

At a very early age, I showed a peaking interest in visual arts and so my mother placed me into an art class at around 3 years old. By the time I was 11, we decided to step it up a notch and I was pre-maturely admitted into the Advance Studio at the Art Gallery of Ontario and studied there for 6 years. By the time I was in undergrad, most of my time had been taken up by school, work, and friends - but even then, I managed to find space to squeeze in an elective art class, which may I add, took WAY MORE work and effort than any other class I had...2 years later, I took the elective art class again before graduating :)


Although I had always been interested in photography, it was only after I got Daisy and started her Instagram that I began to take it more seriously. I guess you could say she's my muse!

What began as a simple photo diary to document Daisy's growth, transformed into a new passion and activity for both of us to bond over (yes, she actually doesn't mind it because I always try to make it fun for both of us). In 6 months, we reached over 1k followers on her account, woot woot!

Listening to the praises of my friends and family, I finally decided to give it a shot with the launch of Pet Photography in May 2019. In the following 7 months, I: started building a client base and completed 3 photoshoots; made some great friends in the industry; self-taught Adobe Lightroom and photography basics; and even co-hosted a photobooth at the Stackt Holiday Pet Market by the end of the year. 2019 was a booming great start!


2020: the year of the COVID-19 pandemic, the year of the Trump vs. Biden Presidential election, the year of TP hoarding and a ridiculous amount of banana bread. It was also the year of self-reflection and -discovery, which led me to relaunching my old blog because I realized how much I missed writing and creating content. So, here it comes:

The site actually started off as a food blog called Snow How to Eat in 2016 (hehe yes, we're a punny group here). I would share recipes, review my favourite restaurants, and write about any topics I felt like - immediately, I started to see the beauty of having my own space. I also had a lot of fun designing the site and brainstorming content - it was an exciting process for me then and still is now!

I decided to rebrand the blog though to better reflect the life I had now and to open the door to sharing my pet photography and life with Daisy. In addition to the articles I was writing before, I wanted to include stories of Daisy's puppyhood, her Top 5s, and of course some tips and tricks I learned along the way.